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The Genuine product comes in a Loadshedder box and is only sold by authorized distributors, please look out for the Authorized Distributor Logo or you might be buying an ineffective product.

The Load Shedder is a smart power detector that turns off appliances like geysers and pool pumps when load shedding starts.

Do you ever worry about your inverter batteries going flat during load shedding? It can be really frustrating. The LoadShedder works on any inverter system and will ensure you never have to stress about flat batteries again. Extending battery uptime by reducing the load on your battery.

Sonoff Africa Loadshedder

Overall, the Load Shedder is a simple yet effective way to manage load shedding in your home. It’s a great investment that can help you save money and prolong the life of your inverter batteries. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how it can make load shedding a little less stressful?

Sonoff Africa Loadshedder

What’s in the Box

1x Sonoff MiniR2 (NRCS Certified)
1x Finder Monitoring Relay (Orange)
1x Finder Din Base Relay Holder (Blue)
1x Loadshedder Pilot Light
4x Communication cable identifiers
1x Wiring Diagram with instructions

Video links to the Hardware installation guide and Ewelink Scene guide are distributed digitally and are copyrighted.

Full Support for installers, No additional re-wiring of DB board is required. All appliances that need to be controlled require a Sonoff device.

Full integration into other smart home platforms like Smart Life, Samsung Smart Things, and Top 20 brands

** Assembly and installation require a qualified electrician or solar installer.

* Good Wifi 2.4Ghz and Internet required.


Sonoff Load shedding Sensor

It has come to our attention that certain companies are producing counterfeit versions of the Sonoff Loadshedding Sensor, a product whose intellectual property rights are owned by hard-working individuals and invested companies. We urge those responsible for the production and sale of these substandard copies to reconsider their actions and to respect the rights of the rightful owners. The proliferation of such knock-offs not only harms the legitimate business interests of the rightful owners but also endangers consumers by compromising the quality and reliability of the products they purchase. We encourage all actors in the market to uphold the principles of fair competition and intellectual property protection and to contribute to the growth and advancement of this exciting and innovative smart home market. Full integration into other smart home platforms like Tuya Smart Life, Samsung SmartThings, Google, and Top 20 Brands have been tested.


  • Extending battery time during load shedding.
  • Reducing battery load automatically during LoadShedding.
  • Extending battery lifetime by reducing battery cycles.
  • Reducing power consumption and demand automatically based on your requirement.
  • Automatic load recovery when power is restored.
  • Simple scene trigger for LoadShedding Day time and Night time configurations.


  • No more outages due to inverter flat batteries.
  • Saving money on battery replacement due to reducing cycles with lower loads.
  • Load management and monitoring.
  • Simple integration into other smart home platforms.
  • Integration into most big brand aircons like Samsung and LG via Broadlink and IFTTT.
  • Google and Alexa compatible.
  • The final piece of the smart home system that monitors Eskom power feed and manages your inverter load all in eWelink.
  • Simple yet so effective that the kids can’t even run your batteries flat with the microwave or kettle.
  • Even the hairdryer won’t be able to draw power during load shedding unless you so choose to.

**This product is designed for certified installers and electricians only.

** Assembly and installation require a qualified electrician or solar installer.

** Wifi 2.4Ghz and Internet required.

Also available for commercial installation with Sonoff wide range of products.

This product was designed and tested locally for the Smart Home automation market. This was a collaboration between Qi Systems, Sonoff Smart Home, Sonoff Africa, Green Technology on the design and engineering side. One year of field testing with multiple installers and solar companies has been completed very successfully.

Tested with Growatt, Mecer, and Sunsynk inverters in the field for over a year. Load migration and management were also tested sucessfully.

Please WhatsApp us should you require more information.

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