Sonoff Smart Load Shedding Sensor

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The Load Shedder is a smart power state monitor that can alert you when your power goes off and turn off devices automatically.
The load shedding device consists of a Sonoff device monitoring relay that connects to Eskom power and the Sonoff device is powered from the invertor power.

This product is designed for certified installers and electrician’s only. This comes in component form and needs to be assembled, wire not included.

*Currently only available through our current distribution channel. If you would like to become a part of our distribution channel.


The Load Shedder is a smart power monitor that can alert you when your power goes off and turn off high load devices automatically. This come a individual components and needs assembled.

The load shedding device consists of a Sonoff unit connected to a relay that has its coil connected to Eskom power and the Sonoff unit is powered from the inverter power.

This unit has been in field testing for over a year and we are very comfortable that, assembled and installed correctly, can compliment any inverter system. It will automatically shut down pool pumps, geysers, dishwashers and any home automation devices that you deem non-critical in order to preserve battery power.

No additional re-wiring of DB board required. All appliances that need to be controlled require smart control like Sonoff Basic or any other Sonoff products.

Full integration into other smart home platform’s like Tuya Smart Life and Aqara done via IFTTT and ewelink VIP.



  • Extending battery time during load shedding
  • Reducing battery load automatically during LoadShedding
  • Extending battery life time by reducing battery cycles
  • Reducing power consumption and demand automatically based on your requirement
  • Automatic load recovery when power is restored
  • Simple scene trigger for LoadShedding Day time and Night time configurations



  • No more outages due to invertor flat batteries.
  • Saving money on battery replacement due to reducing cycles with lower loads.
  • Load management and monitoring.
  • Simple integration into other smart home platforms.
  • Integration into most big brand aircons like Samsung and LG via a Broadlink and IFTTT.
  • Google and Alexa compatible.
  • The final peace of the smart home system that monitors Eskom power feed and manages your invertor load all in eWelink.
  • Simple yet so effective that the kids can’t even run your batteries flat with the microwave or kettle.
  • Even the hairdryer won’t be able to draw power during load sheading unless you so chose.


This product consists of a Sonoff device, relay and a relay base installation instructions as well as wiring diagrams.

** Assembly and installation requires a qualified electrician or solar installer only.

* Wifi 2.4Ghz and Internet required.


What’s in the Box

  1. Sonoff Unit
  2. Monitoring Relay
  3. Relay Base
  4. Pilot Light
  5. Wiring Diagram with instructions
  6. Telephonic support voucher code for installer’s only once order is placed


Also available for commercial installation with Sonoff wide range of products.

**New product’s will be available next week. Product kit’s will be available to Sonoff Authorised distributors, Installers and resellers.

Tested with Growatt, Mecer and Sunsynk invertors in the field for over a year. Load migration and management also tested.

Please WhatsApp us should you require more information.

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