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EACHEN WiFi Smart Motorized Electric Curtain Set With Rail(Ewelink APP)

EACHEN WiFi Smart Motorized Electric Curtain Set With Rail(Ewelink APP)

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This Curtain motor is used on Curtain which hides behind drapery,make your home smart and amazing! Motorized Curtain system is Widely Used in Hotel Rooms, Residential Rooms & Event Stage.

Easy Installation: Compact and light weight for simple ceiling or wall installation. Smooth and Quiet Operation: Motor uses a direct drive belt that enables quiet operation.

Home Automation Interfacing: Can be easily integrated with home automation systems.

No need to Program: Advanced electronics eliminate the need for manual limit setting. Automatic memory will slow down the curtains before it reach the limits, on each end to prevent noisy cut off.

Easy operations: Curtains can be open manually. By pulling or pushing gently, it will automatically activate motor to open or close without using remote control.

We provide various automatic curtain systems and automatic window systems. We are professional and have been working in smart home automation (particularly window & curtain treatment) for decades. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Features :
1. Multiple control methods including: remote, wall switch, smart phone, Amazon Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and other home automation systems.
2. Set timers for opening and closing via smart phone app.
3. Durable, heavy duty, quiet smart curtain rod. Easy assembly, DIY length by customization(Max.leight:XM. Included: 1000cm rails*X-1pcs+50cm rail*1pcs+20cm rail*2pcs+10cm rail*1pcs).
4. Three installation choices: central, left, and right opening.
5. Smart motor can remember curtain position and distance settings.
6. Light touch trigger: manually pulling the curtain can trigger the motor to operate automatically.
7. Manual operation available when power is off.

Package Contents: What’s in the package? 
1 Motor
1 Remote Control (RF)
Curtain tracks
 - XMeters Included: 1000cm rails*X-1pcs+50cm rail*1pcs+20cm rail*2pcs+10cm rail*1pcs)
Runners / Pullies (8 per meter of tracks)
Mounting Ceiling Brackets

Installation Guide

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