TUYA Wifi Curtain Motor with curtain rail 2m/3m/5m

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Original Price R 3,499.00
Current Price R 2,349.00


- Silent Design,noise less than 38dB

- Elegant Operation Function

- The curtain motor has slow start & slow stop function, It moves only half speed when start or close to rail edge, ensure an elegant operation.

Electronic Memory Limit Function

- No manually routine setting needed. Greatly shortens the installation & debug time. It will automatically eliminate everyday trip accumulated error, make an accurate positioning for long-term use.

- Built-In Receiver Function

- Resistance and Stop Function

- The curtain motor will automatically stop running when it comes up with the resistance.

- Light Touch-Start Function

- Slightly pull the curtain in one direction with your hand, the curtain motor will automatically run until fully opened or closed.

Power Off Manual Function

- Users can manually open or close the curtain once it is power off.

Remote control & Smart phone APP remote control

-Users can use the curtain motor controller easy control the curtain, and we also support smart phone remote control by using App:Tuya