The National Institute of Standards and Technology measures how many photons pass through a chicken. Now, it wants to quantify transparency around algorithms. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a federal agency best known for measuring things like time or the number of photons that pass through a...

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS now helping to design computer chips—including the very ones needed to run the most powerful AI code. Sketching out a computer chip is both complex and intricate, requiring designers to arrange billions of components on a surface smaller than a fingernail. Decisions at each step can affect a chip’s eventual...

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Even when you pay for a decryption key, your files may still be locked up by another strain of malware. RANSOMWARE GROUPS HAVE always taken a more-is-more approach. If a victim pays a ransom and then goes back to business as usual—hit them again. Or don't just encrypt a target's systems; steal...

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