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Sonoff Basic R4 WiFi Smart Switch

Sonoff Basic R4 WiFi Smart Switch

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【ESP32 Chip】Newly upgrade the chip, enhance the basic function, and increase the performance while keeping a reasonable price.
【Magic Switch Mode】You can still control the light switch through the app even turning off a traditional wall switch. No matter the wall switch or app remote control, you can enjoy the smart world.
【“eWeLink-Remote” Control】BASICR4 is a smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote”. You can add “eWeLink-Remote” sub-devices, use S-Mate2 or R5 to pair with BASICR4, and then set the scene, you can reach the two-way control and local control.
【Group Control】You can set groups to control multiple devices at the same time for convenience.
【Safe and Reliable】With the product’s built-in temperature sensor, the real-time maximum temperature of the entire product can be detected and speculated, which prevents the product from deformation, melting, fire, or live devices from exposure in case of over-temperature. BASICR4 has obtained CE, FCC, ETL etc certifications.


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