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Smart Life Zigbee 3.0 Water Leak Sensor Flooding Detector

Smart Life Zigbee 3.0 Water Leak Sensor Flooding Detector

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[ Water Leakage Sensor ]- With the sensitive sensing probes for protecting your home and valuables from annoying leaks and dangerous floods,whether it's a dripping sink under the bathroom cabinet, a burst pipe in the basement, or a severe weather event. [ Tuya App control ]- From the app (Tuya) you will receive instant push notification of water leakage and it will push alarm to your smart phone when detecting water leakage,helping to keep your home safe,by alerting you to potential water leak before the issue becomes too serious,thus helping to prevent costly water damage. [ Battery powered with low energy consumption ]- The sensor requires little effort to install and it is very easy to use,you are certain to get the quality and expectation that you desire. [ Plug&Play ]- reliable performance,small and compact appearance.
1. Beautiful and stylish appearance, easy to integrate into various environments 2. Support DIY design, rich scenes, 3. Intelligent linkage, tool-free installation 4. Demolition design in the field of professional security 5. With low Low battery reminder function 6. Ultra low power consumption and long battery life 7. Timing to send online reports to the host


Material: ABS Size: 54*26.5*13mm (Sensor) Battery: CR2032 (Not included) Battery Life: over 1 year (20 times per day) Zigbee Frequency: IEEE 802.15.4 Working Temperature: 0℃~ 55℃ Wire Length: 1m (Probe Cable)


1. First, you need to connect to the ZIGBEE gateway to be able to remotely control via 3G/4G/WiFi on your mobile phone
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