eWeLink EWB-WL01 Zigbee Water Leakage Detector

eWeLink EWB-WL01 Zigbee Water Leakage Detector

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EWeLink Tiny Zigbee Water Leakage Sensor Smart Home Real time Perception Alarm Security Protection Device Flood Leakage Sensor


APP support: Yiweilian

Working temperature: -10 ° C – 55 ° C

Communication protocol: Zigbee

System support: l0S8.0/Android 4.0 and above versions


A water immersion sensor that can detect water leakage in the environment in real-time. When water immersion is detected, the detector will send an alarm signal to the host and report information to the user’s mobile phone. When the water level at the detection point reaches 0.5mm, the water intrusion sensor will report the water situation.

Scene linkage is achieved through a mobile app to preset safety scenarios. Once the monitored water level reaches the preset height, a remote alarm will be triggered. When the warning water level is reached, the phone will receive a reminder pushed by the app, allowing you to know in a timely manner. The phone can close the water outlet through a remote solenoid valve

New detection adopts advanced detection modules to sense water bodies in real-time. When water flows through the two poles of the probe, an alarm message will be immediately sent to the gateway.

Long battery life: Low energy consumption and long standby time.

【 Multi scenario application 】 The leak detection device can work normally in residential, hotel, shop, office, apartment and other places. Protect every moment.

【 Hub Required 】 This product is only suitable for the Yiweilian gateway.

Package Included:

1 * (1 sensor)

IP67 level waterproof tO make sure can be used repeated

NO cable needed ,easy tO install

Linkage with other eWeLink devices When water is detected,user will receive a message through eWeLink APP

Can be placed on a flat or corner without other installation

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