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D1-1 (Wire Splicing Connectors)

D1-1 (Wire Splicing Connectors)

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【Safe and reliable】 The wire splicing connectors shell is made of high-quality PC insulating material. Wire connectors have the advantages of long service life, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, aging resistance, and can effectively prevent leakage. Each connection point has independent shrapnel and different wires are managed separately, which improves the safety performance and product quality. Therefore, the wire splicing connectors are safer than the traditional wire nut.
【Reusable and Use in Combination】 The wire splicing connector is a reusable innovative connector. If you need to replace other wires, just pull up the small lever, pull out what you need, and replace them. The conductor electrical wire connector is reusable and operated easily. Multiple lever connectors can be spliced into a wiring group to meet your different needs.
【Compatibility】 Suitable for soft and hard single-strand and multi-strand wire, universal connectors for 0.2 to 4 mm²/AWG 28-12 solid wire, and flexible copper wire.
【Easy to operate 】Instead of traditional electrical tape and twist-type electrical butt connectors. Don’t need more tools to connect wires, just push the orange handle to 90°, insert the cable and close the switch. No tape winding, saves a lot of time and effort.
【Wide Application】Wire Splicing Connectors are widely used in ceiling fans, building wiring, ships, lighting, automatic doors, sockets, chandeliers, switches, cars, loudspeakers, electrical boxes, and fan controls, and so on, are safer than the traditional wire nut.



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