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Aqara - Hub - M1S Gen2

Aqara - Hub - M1S Gen2

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The Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 is a smart home control center, which connects Zigbee devices to Wi-Fi networks. At the same time, it can manage and control smart scenes, and can conveniently control smart devices, such as plugs, switches, bulbs, curtains and many more. 

  • Zigbee 3.0 support, up to 128 devices*: Supports all the latest Aqara devices
  • Built-in Speaker: A powerful 2-watt speaker can be used as an alarm or doorbell as well as via configurable automation.
  • Configurable Ringtones: M1S Gen 2 now supports user-defined MP3 ringtones that can be uploaded for voice announcements and be used in automations. For example, the hub will say "Good night" when the corresponding scene is triggered.
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