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YF-DN40 electric water flow sensor (YF-DN40)

YF-DN40 electric water flow sensor (YF-DN40)

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Connection mode:

Red IN positive electrode

Yellow OUT signal output line.

The black GND receives the negative pole.

Matters needing attention

1, the water quality is too bad, please add the filter net in the inlet.
2, do not exceed flow range to use.

Rated voltage DC=5V 

water pressure > 1.75mpa.

Working voltage range DC5 ~ 18V.

 > 100 m insulation resistance Ω > 100 m Ω

The accuracy is consistent with 2 ~ 150L\MIN.

flow pulse characteristics f=(0.5*Q) Q=L/Min.

72h after placing 72h in the -20 temperature test, 1h was placed at normal temperature, and the accuracy was within 5% of the first measured value.

in the temperature of 85 ℃ high temperature test place after 72 h, placed 1 h at room temperature, within the plus or minus 5% accuracy in measurement for the first time

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