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Aqara is a leading global smart home and Internet of Things solutions provider offering various home automation products ranging from multiple sensors and switches to curtain controllers and air quality monitors.

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Turn Your House into a Smart Home with Aqara in South Africa

Who is Aqara, and what are their products used for?

Aqara is a leading global smart home and IoT solutions provider, offering affordable smart home solutions that are reliable and easy to use. Their products are suited to anyone looking to streamline their daily activities, safeguard their homes and become more energy-efficient. Currently, Aqara is one of the largest smart home providers in Europe and Asia. Since its debut in 2009, Aqara has opened over five hundred distribution stores to provide personalized smart home solutions for an array of different users. They serve over 2 million Aqara users worldwide and aspire to bring smart home technology to even more households across the globe. We offer a wide range of products from Aqara in South Africa for sale online.

History of Aqara

Emerging in 2009, Aqara cemented itself as one of China's largest smart home technology providers with hundreds of local service provider stores. By 2019, it achieved a global distribution network across the US, EU, Russia, and South-East Asia. Aqara’s mission to deliver innovative, high-quality and cost-effective products to over 2 million growing users worldwide is made possible with its dedicated Research and Development (R&D) division and its culture of innovation, focus and aesthetically-driven design.

Advantages of using Aqara in South Africa

Currently, Aqara has over 300 service providers and 300 smart home showrooms across Europe and Asia, with users ranging from students and families to small-to-medium sized businesses and multi-national corporations spanning over 158 countries. Security-conscious South Africans can rest assured knowing that during their absence, Aqara’s products can monitor their homes, detect unauthorized entry or abnormal movement inside the house and provide visibility to homeowners with a high-quality live feed. Their smart home products allow users to experience ultramodern benefits ranging from real-time temperature and atmospheric pressure monitoring updates to energy-saving auto-switchable lights, voice responsive and customisable home sequences. Aqara’s range of products guarantees users easy installation, robust data-capturing systems, excellent quality and third-party ecosystem support. All the products include easy configuration and energy efficiency with a battery life of up to two years.

MiRO’s partnership with Aqara

MiRO partnered with Aqara to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly, smart home technology in South Africa and across the African continent. By distributing Aqara’s smart home solutions, MiRO ensures that clients receive the right technology customised to their specific requirements at the best price with the appropriate stock holdings.

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