Pulse Mode

MINI pulse mode

A few days before, SONOFF made the edge mode of MINI two-way smart switch public nevertheless there was no a detailed introduction for the other two trigger modes in that article, which seems to make our users more curious about the coming two trigger modes. Today, just go into this article to continue exploring the trigger mode with your curiosity and question!

From the edge mode, MINI can work with a rocker light switch (without bouncing between on and off positions) to trigger the connected light or device on and off. Not only that, MINI also extends the external switch connection to the pulse switch, just as “pulse” name implies – pulse mode. In this mode, we will take push button switches (it is called the momentary switch in the eWeLink app) as the main external switch type and make a detailed introduction.

Here is a circuit diagram of SW & external detect function which shows how S1 and S2 of MINI work as below:

In electronics, a signal edge is a transition of a digital signal from low to high or from high to low. Obviously, the rising edge (or positive edge) is the low-to-high transition, and the falling edge (negative edge) is the high-to-low transition. The pulse mode is mainly used for the push button switch to trigger the relay state of MINI converted when there is a falling edge is detected. As for the push button switch, it includes the NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) push button switch that can work with MINI in this mode.

How does the S1 and S2 work?

For the NO (Normally Open) push button switch, a press operation makes the S2 signal level from high to low along with the falling edge, and then the rising edge will occur after a release that S2 signal level from low to high as below shown.

Similarly, a diagrammatic version of the NC (Normally Closed) push button switch is shown here:

As you can see from the above changes, the “press and release” operation of both NO and NC push button switch contains the falling edge. That is to say, in the pulse mode, when a push button switch is connected to MINI, each “press and release” of it will trigger the MINI relay switch state convert.


The pulse mode is ideal for door control system. It can be enabled on the eWeLink app to trigger the MINI relay on or off when the connected push button switch is pressed each time that the door control system will be opened or closed. Due to the button on the switch goes back to the initial position after each press, the button will always keep the same position no whatever you turn on or off the device.

Well, this introduction for the pulse mode ends in the same way with the edge mode. Don’t worry, the next following mode will not make you wait too long. Please keep attention.

*If you want to learn about more details for the external switch connection of MINI, please refer to this introduction for the edge mode.