Sonoff Wifi Smart Switches - What are they and why do you need one?

Sonoff Wifi Smart Switches - What are they and why do you need one?

Sonoff is a brand of well priced Wi-Fi Smart Switches that can be used for controlling mains powered devices like lights, pumps, heaters etc.

They consist of the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Chip plus additional circuitry. and are made by ITEAD Studio ,who also make a collection of home automation products.

The official software that comes on the devices are designed to be connected to the Internet in order to operate successfully. These devices work with the EWelink Apps,Google home and Alexa.

Here’s a look at 3 of the most popular Sonoff Wifi Smart Switches:

Sonoff Pow R2 Smart Switch

This device has one relay but is able to measure the actual power consumption. You can use this device for your TV, for example, to turn it on and off and measure the power consumption.

Sonoff TH16 Smart Temperature Monitoring Switch

This device has one relay and a connection for an DHT22 (AOSONG) based temperature/humidity sensor. The device is able to report the measured temperature to the app and the one relay can be used as a regular relay to control a connected device. The app provides several special features for temperature-controlled actions.

Sonoff Dual Smart Switch

This switch has two mechanical relays which can be connected with several actuators like lamps, etc. Use this device with a connected socket and power connector to use it for regular devices without the need to modify them.

EWelink App

All of these devices are compatible with Google Home and Alexa products and you can use your Google Home App or Amazon Alexa app or the EWelink App available for free on the Google Play and ios App store. The EWelink app allows you to use your phone as a remote for the devices. After the app is started every device is shown in a device list with status information (on or off). It is also possible to toggle the device status within that overview. It is not required to jump into device details.

A detailed view is also available for each device which shows additional information like the actual power consumption for the POW version of the devices. Instead of turning on every device, it is also possible to define a scene and apply a bunch of states. The app also provides several features like a timer which allows turning the device on or off at a certain day of week at a defined time. It is also possible to activate a countdown to turn off a device after a certain amount of time.

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