Sonoff Smart Home FAQs

Sonoff Smart Home FAQs

User Manual
1. How to use Sonoff and eWeLink?
Here’s the eWeLink instructions. You can learn how to use the eWeLink app.

Please scan the QR code on the box of your products to read the manual. Below are the English user guides for all Sonoff products:
User Manual for ALL Sonoff Products

Note: Please note that our APP keeps updating and so we may not update the User Manual on time.

2. Other tutorials:

How to connect with Nest Thermostat?


How to use IFTTT to control Sonoff Devices?


APP Permissions
About eWeLink permissions, please refer to this post. If you reject some important permissions, you can't add the device to App normally.

APP Installation
1. I enter eWeLink in the search bar in App Market but find no apps. Why?
We may not release our app on some of the app markets, please tell us which app market do you search for eWeLink. We recommend you to download the iOS app from App Store and the Android one from Google Play.

2. Can the app be used on PC?
Sorry, the app can only be used on iOS/Android smartphone and tablet. Currently, we don't plan to make a PC version.


3. What system does the app support?
Only Android and iOS system. Android 4.0 device or higher. It doesn’t work with Windows system.

4. When I want to download the eWeLink app, there’s virus alert. Is your app safe?
This is a wrong report. Our app is safe, it has passed Google Play and App Store's security checking and can be download on the app markets.

Registration Issues
1. Failed to register an eWeLink account, unable to receive the verification code.
If you register with phone number, please disable SMS blocking. If you register with email address, please check your junk mail box.
If you can’t find the code, you can try this: disable wifi, and use mobile network to register. If still failed to get the code, please submit a feedback on the APP eWeLink, just click "Feedback" and write down the issue. Our support will contact you. Make sure you have successfully submitted the feedback.


2. I am in India. Why I can’t register an account with email address?
For Asian users, eWeLink only supports registration and sharing by phone number account. If you are Asian user, the app only allows you to register with phone number. If the app only allows you to register with email address, please check if you are are using VPN. You should use your local WiFi/mobile network to register. Once you have registered with an email address, your devices will be offline frequently, because your account is connecting a server of EU or American.


3. I am from EU. Why the app only allows me to register with a phone number?
For users outside Asia, eWeLink only supports registration with email address. If your app only allows registering with phone number, your DNS may not resolve correctly, or your app doesn't obtain your location, so it gets China as default location and connects the Asian users.

4. Can I make registration to change from email address to phone number?
The servers are auto dispatched by the system. If the system recognizes you are located in EU, the app requires you to register with an email address. If the system recognizes you are located in Asia, the app requires you to register with a phone number. If it’s wrong, please check if you are using VPN network, check if your DNS is resolved correctly, check if your app can obtain your right location.

5. Is it possible to run two Android phones?
You can register with more than one account, log in one account in one phone and the other one in another phone, then share the devices from one account to the others.

Login Issues

1. I fail to log in my account, it prompts “wrong username or password”.
First, please disable wifi, and use the mobile network to log in. Change your password and use the new password to log in your account. If still fail, please submit a feedback on the APP eWeLink, just click "Feedback" and write down the problem. Our support will contact you. Make sure you have successfully submitted the feedback. If submission fails, please disable wifi and use the mobile network to submit.

Network Issues


1. Why do I fail to add the device by using 5G or dual-band wifi?

Currently, eWeLink only supports 2.4 G wifi communication protocol. 5G Wi-Fi router is NOT supported. 

If you use 2.4G+5G dual-band router, please set only allow 2.4G WiFi. Please understand that the IoT module of our products only allows the 2.4G network. Today, it’s difficult to find 5G smart home product in the smart home industry,

We want to recommend a solution for the Android users who are using dual-band router. There is an app called WiFi Manager.
If you forget the network in the Android setting, then add it to this app, you see both the 2.4 and 5G networks with the same SSID. It lets you connect to the 2.4 one. This lets you configure the Sonoff. Once the WiFi is configured the phone can go back to use 5G.
We are very appreciated if you find other solutions and share with us.


2. eWeLink keeps prompting “Network Unavailable”, what to do?
Please ping our server URLs on your PC:
If your location is in Asia:,,
If your location is in EU:,,
If your location is in Oceania:,,,,
If your location is North Ameria or South America:,,
How to ping? Check this tutorial.
If the result shows the connection between the server and WiFi is good, your network is OK.
If the result shows the connections is bad, please change your phone’s DNS to
Still failed? Please change router’s DNS to, then ping the corresponding URL again.
If the result shows the IP addresses don’t run, please send the related URL to your network operator, let them help you. For example, if you are Asian user, please ask the network operator to parse these two domains:,, and

3. I change a new router, then the device fails to connect to the new WiFi.
Some users change the router and set the same WiFi SSID and password as the old router, then their devices can't be added to account or become offline. We suggest you change the new router's SSID and password, delete your devices and re-add via the new WiFi.

Note: Everytime you want to change the WiFi that the Sonoff model connects with, you must delete the device from App, re-pair and add it to your account via the new WiFI. Otherwise, it will keep offline, this is due to Sonoff model doesn't have a workable WiFi to communicate with the server.

4. Can Sonoff works with wifi extender?
Some users said that their Sonoff devices can't work with the wifi extender. So I don't dare to say that our products support wifi extender. You'd better use it with the wifi router.


5. Why I can't select the WiFi SSID I want during adding the device?
The app recognizes the WiFI SSID your smartphone/tablet connects, and select and connect the same WiFi SSID during adding device.

Pairing Issues
1. I can’t add the device to my account, why?
There are two possible reasons:

① You don’t allow the related permissions for the app. Please modify authority management, set eWeLink to be your direct trust app and set all permissions as Allow.

② You have selected the wrong pairing method. To solve it, please follow below solution:
First, press and hold the pairing button for 5s until it blinks, check how does your device’s led indicator blink: 

  (1) Fast blinking one time and repeat



  (2) Fast blinking 3 times and repeat



If your device is blinking like (1), you'll need to confirm what the device firmware version is. Then select the corresponding pairing method.

Open eWeLink, tap "+" to add the device, then select different icon according to the device firmware version (Note: If you don’t know its firmware version at all, please try A first, if fail, try B):
A. If the firmware of above models is 1.6.0 or higher:
You should select Quick Pairing Mode(TOUCH) icon in adding process. Otherwise, you will fail to add it to the app.
B. If the firmware of above models is lower than 1.6.0:
You should directly select Compatible Pairing Mode(AP) in adding process, click Next. If you are ios user, you will be directed to Phone Setting>WiFi>connect the WiFi begins with ITEAD-******, enter default password 12345678. Go back to eWeLink to continue the process.


If your device is blinking like (2), open eWeLink, tap "+" to add the device, select "Quick Pairing Mode (Touch)" to add the device.
If you failed to add it to your account, you can set the model to enter into another pairing method and select compatible pairing mode (AP)
Power off the model, then power it up. Press and hold pairing button for 5s until the led indicator fast blinks like (2). Release your finger. Then press and hold the pairing button for another 5s until it fast blinks like (1). For LED or humidifier, please turn on and off the model for 3 times, then turn on and off for another 3 times. 

Then tap “+” to add the device, select Compatible Pairing Mode(AP) and continue.


2. When adding the device, everything is OK, but it stops at “Registering...”, why?
You have selected the wrong pairing method. Please see the last question.

3. When I adding the device, it says network problem.
1) You may have connected to a 5G network. All our devices can only work with 2.4G wifi. If you are using dual-band (2.4G+5G) router, please set only allow 2.4G.
2) Your WiFi may be too weak. Make sure your WiFi doesn’t have too many connections. Usually, one router can bear 15 connections, including phone, PC, smart device, etc.
3) Your model is too far away from the router, take it closer and retry.
If you WiFi has no problem, please your phone's DNS to or If still failed, please set your computer DNS to or Then retry.

4. When I scan the QR code of the G1, it says “Invalid QR code”.
If you are using GSM model like Sonoff G1, Sonoff G2, please take a photo of the QR code, and enlarge it on your computer to scan it. Please make sure the GSN model belongs to “eWeLink Supported” products.

5. Failed to auto-switch to device WiFi.
1. Please make sure the model has entered pairing mode.
2. If the model has exited pairing mode, please let it re-enter into pairing mode. Then click the words in blue “Return to eWeLink System WiFi settings” as shown in the screenshot. Next, please manually connect the WiFi (ITEAD-10000XXXX), the password is 12345678. Once successful, go back to the App. Done.


Device Offline Troubleshooting
1. My device is offline
Please refer to this post.

Timer Issues

1. The preset timers don't work
The possible reason is that your WiFi network is too weak when you create the timers. So the timers can’t be synchronized to our servers. Please delete the timer and create a new one in robust WiFi.


2. Why I can’t find loop timer for my device?
Loop timer supported devices (updating): Almost all 1 gang switch/socket(required firmware ver. 1.5.0 and higher, G1, Sonoff Pow R2 and S31 are excluded from the list), including S20 smart socket, Sonoff Touch EU/US, Sonoff Basic, Sonoff SV, Sonoff TH10/TH16, Sonoff RF, Slampher, Sonoff Pow (required firmware ver. 2.0.3 and higher), Motor Clockwise/ Anticlockwise Running WiFi Wireless Switch, 1 Channel Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V/12V, S30 Smart Socket, Sonoff T1 UK/EU/US-1 Gang, RF Bridge 433-the added RF Remote, Sonoff Pow.
Note: the 2-4 gang devices doesn’t support loop timer.

3. The time on the timer settings is not the same as my local time.
There’s summer time, winter time changes in many countries. If your local time has changed, please delete all the timers, close the app. Then open the app, and create new timers, you'll see the time will be synchronized with your system.


4. Can you make the timer min unit to second so that I can activate my device for a few seconds?

All the timers only support to set 1 minute as the min time. We can't support timer based on seconds, it's a technology obstruction in the industry. Even our competitors say their products can support timers based on seconds, it's not that true.

We recommend you to use switches that have inching mode: Sonoff 4CH Pro & 4CH Pro R2, 1 Chnl Inching Switch



Scene Issues


1. How to create a scene with RF Bridge 433 device?

Only Android support to create scene based on RF Bridge device.RF Bridge 433 (Android 3.1.0 and higher)-the added Alarms can be set as the trigger device.You can set the alarm message as the condition to trigger turn on/off other smart device.

RF Bridge 433 (Android 3.1.0 and higher)-the added RF Remote controller can be set as execute device. You can set a specified temperature/humidity/light intensity/sound level range from Sonoff SC, Sonoff TH, S22, At Home/Away status from Nest as a condition to trigger on/off the RF Remote button.


Share Control
1. Why other users can't receive the invitation when I share the device?
Here are the reasons:
  • The account you want to share with has not been logged in.  
  • The account you want to share with has been logged in, but no App process.
  • Your network or the other user’s network is disconnected or not stable.
  • iOS: the other user has launched the App and logged in, but his phone screen is locked off(the screen is not lightened).  
    Note that we don’t support to share to cross continent accounts. In the same continent, users can share between email account, mobile phone accounts and third-party accounts.


2. I fail to share my device with my family.  It’s saying “User doesn’t exist”.

  • While sharing devices, both should log in eWeLink and stay online. Because if the account you want to share is not online, he/she will not receive the invitation message.
  • Please make sure the account you want to share is connecting the server of the same continent. 

Only when the two accounts are registered with the server of the same continent can be shared with, no cross-continent accounts can be shared. If you use VPN to create the account, the country of the IP may be in other continents, so your account connects to a server of another continent.

If you are located at the junction of two continents, for example, in Turkey, the accounts may register and connect to servers of a different continent. 

All the phone number based account are connecting to Asian servers. It's impossible to share from a phone number based account to an email account or vice versa.
If you don't know whether the accounts are connecting to different servers, please submit a feedback on eWeLink, write down the issue, provide the two accounts and we will check.

3. I have shared my device with my wife, but she can’t edit the scene and group, she can’t get the devices being shared to appear on her Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT app.
Only the device owners have the right to set scene/group, and use it on the third-party app. For security issue, we only allow timer permission for the other users.
If still failed, they should try to uninstall eWeLink and install again. Then try to share again.

4. Why shows the user I want to share is not online?
You must make sure the user you want to share with has an eWeLink account and is online (keep the screen lighten)

5. Why the share device list disappear (especially when I switch the language)?
Log out of the APP, re-enter to check if it is there. Or you have to wait for the newer App version.

6. Why the device share from another account disappear from my account?
The device owner may have deleted it from his/her account.


Firmware Issue 


1. How to view APP version and firmware version?

To view APP versions, go to User Center, the APP version is out there.

To view firmware version, enter into the device's control interface, click the upper right corner "Setting", the firmware version is out there.


2. Why the firmware stop the update at half of the progress? 

When the error prompt disappeared, close the app completely. Then open the app, check if the firmware is updated successfully. If fail, then retry to update again. 

Unstable wifi can cause firmware update failure. Disable wifi, use mobile network to update. 

If you fail every time, please delete the device, take another phone enable the hotspot, then add your device via the hotspot wifi. After successfully adding the device, go to update its firmware. When it's done, delete it, re-add device via your original wifi.

If still failed, please submit a feedback on the app so that we can check for the problem. 


3. Why the same models show different firmware version?

There are two situations:

1) The two models are different in the versions: Pow and Pow R2. They use different boards and firmware.

2) You should update the firmware of your device one by one. A firmware can't be shared to different devices, even they are exactly the same models.


Alexa Issues
1. I can't search alexa skill
Make sure you have selected the right language, currently we only support these languages: English(United States), English(UK), English(India), English(Canada), English(Australia) German or Japanese. Then re-search "eWeLink Smart Home Fan".

2. I can't log in eWeLink account in Alexa App.
Please make sure your account is entered correctly. Please don't add space behind your account. If it keeps showing "incorrect info", please provide your account info by submitting a feedback on the app.

3. I find no devices in the Alexa App.
Please make sure you have at least one smart device that supports to work with Alexa on your eWeLink App. Note that the device shared by the other account can not appear on Alexa app.

4. I have just added a new device to eWeLink app, why it doesn’t show up on Alexa app?
To get it display on your Alexa app, you'll need to tap Discover Devices.

5. Will your skill support to read the temperature, humidity data from TH device?
We will consider supporting this feature.

6. My command is right, but the switch doesn’t respond and turn on.
1)Maybe the Alexa side is slow, it doesn't respond quickly. Please check if the WiFi that connects with the speaker is normal.
2)Maybe your device is offline.

7. Alexa says “there is a problem”
This is because we didn’t support sync the device status. We have updated our skill protocol to V3, this problem has solved now.



Google Home Issues

1. Get the error:  "encountered an unknown error", "smart we link is unavailable right now" or "error finding 3 (or 4) things".
Please download the latest Google Chrome browser to your phone, set it as the default browser. Clear the Google Home app's caching and data. Then re-link our "Smart We Link".

2. I can't link "Smart We Link", and the Google home app prompts"Couldn't update the setting. Check your connection."
Please check if your network is OK. It's mostly due to Google Home failed to be connected to the WiFi normally. If your network is OK, then please pull-down the page to refresh, check if it can display the devices.

You can also try to switch the language, go to setting to select the language "English (US)".

Most likely this problem is caused by Google side. If we received a lot of feedback, we would communicate with Google to solve it.  

3. I can’t link “Smart We Link”, what to do?
Some users can't link eWeLink account in the Google Home App. Here we suggest them try the solutions below:

  • Check if the Google Home app is updated to the latest version? To check this info, please visit Play Store. If this does not work, please try below solution.
  • Clear the cache and data of the Google App: Settings > Apps > Google Home App > Storage > Clear Cache and then tap on Manage Space > Clear All Data. Please note that this will delete all the preferences of the Google Home App including the widgets.
  • If this does not work, please submit a feedback from the Google Home app with the keywords: "Smart We Link account won't link". Please make sure to check the box to include the logs and reports.



IFTTT Issues

1. The Sonoff B1 doesn’t support to work with IFTTT, why?
Currently, we don’t make the Sonoff B1 work with IFTTT. But we plan to do it.

2. Why I can’t let 1 applet to trigger another applet?
IFTTT doesn't support inter-trigger applets. So you can't make them trigger circularly. For examples: Applet 1: when 4ch channel 1 is on, trigger off 4ch channel 2. Applet 2: when 4ch channel 2 is off, trigger on 4ch channel 3. The result will be: When 4ch channel 1 is on, channel 3 can't be triggered on. It just runs the direct applet.



Other APP issues


1. How many devices can the app support?
150 devices.

2. What’s the “power-on state” option in the device settings use for?
When the electricity is cut off, when it comes again, your switch stays in OFF status by default. Now by setting power-on state, your device will automatically in ON, OFF or KEEP when power on. KEEP: your device will be in the same state as it is before electricity cut off. Note: those devices shared by others don’t allow to set the power on state.

3. The device auto turn on/off
(1). Please check if you have shared it with other users. Other users can turn on/off the device you shared. You may have created timers, scenes or IFTTT applets to trigger on/off the device. You may have use alexa or google home to turn it on/off. Please confirm.
(2). Delete your device from your account. Check if the model still auto on/off by itself. If the problem exists, there may be a hardware problem. Please contact the seller.

4. Are the Sonoff series support control by LAN?
Previously, we did support LAN for some models like Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV. But then we closed this function due to some reason.
But too many users request this function, so we decide to enable this function. We are still working on this plan, we are testing the beta version. So hopefully, it will come soon.

5. What's the URL of eWeLink server?
Answer:,, (Asia)  
If you want to ping the address to test if our server is in good status, please ping the address accordingly.

6. What’s the server port of eWeLink app?
I don't know what models you are using, please enable the three ports: 443, 8080, 8081.

7. The app is draining most of my battery.
Please update the app version to the latest one. Sometimes the battery consuming data is not real. If you are using a very old version, your app may have data remanence, the data is faulty.
If you have updated to the latest app version but the problem still exists, please uninstall the app then install again, and check the power consumption status. If the data shows eWeLink is power-hungry, please submit a feedback on the app to report the issue.

8. I can’t use Sonoff G1, the led keep blinking twice in a row.
Please make sure your SIM card can support 2G network(Note that some 4G SIM cards don't allow 2G network). Please make sure your area has covered with stable 2G network signal. You can change to another SIM card to try. If fail, please contact for after-sale service.

9. Can Sonoff be activated 1 second and then turned off?
Sorry, this is not supported. Note that all eWeLink supported devices can only allow minimum 1 minutes timers. You can buy the products that have inching mode, which can also control the garage door:
Sonoff 4CH Pro & 4CH Pro R2, 1 Chnl Inching Switch

10. Why do I fail to receive device status notification push?
Please make sure you have enabled the device status notification push option in device settings. If you have enabled it but fail to receive the push, please submit a feedback on the eWeLink app.

11. Why the Sonoff RF Bridge failed to push the alarms of Sonoff RF Bridge 433?
Make sure you always keep the app running in the background.
12. Is there any button to close the alarm push of Sonoff RF Bridge 433?
Sorry, we don't have such a button to turn off the alarm push.

13. I have two exactly same Sonoff TH10 models, I have updated the firmware of one model, but why I need to update the firmware of another Sonoff TH10?
Sorry, the firmware can’t be shared among with other devices, even they are exactly the same models. You’ll need to update the firmware one by one.

14. Why the TH sensor doesn’t show the temperature or humidity?
Make sure the connection between the switch and TH sensor is not loosened.
Make sure you plug the sensor into the interface of TH switch before you power it up.
Please power your model off. Then unplug and tightly plug the sensor into the model. Then power on and check on the App. It may take a while to refresh the interface.
If it still failed to display the data, the plug may be loosened, or the sensor is broken.

15. Why doesn't the TH sensor display the temperature data when the temperature is -2~0℃? And after about 1min, it will prompt hardware problem.
We are very sorry. This is an error for Am2301. We are solving this problem now.

16. I can’t set widget for my 2-3 gang devices, why?
Sorry, 2-3 gang devices are not supported. Only Android app allows setting widget. All 1 gang switches and sockets and 4 gang switches support widget. For Sonoff TH10/TH16, ver 2.3.3 and higher support widget.
These products don't support to set widget (updating): Sonoff B1, Sonoff Dual, Sonoff TH10/TH16(Versions lower than 2.3.3), S22, Sonoff SC, Sonoff Hum, Sonoff T1 (2-3 gang), RF Bridge 433, iFan, all eWeLink supported 2-3 gang products(include other brands).

17. I am using 1 gang inching/self-locking switch, the red led beside the relay blinks. I can't control the switch.
The switch requires 5V power supply, make sure the power supply is less than 5V.




Hardware Issues
1. Why the schematic shows 5 pins and the device I I receive has 4 pins?
The old Sonoff version has 4 pins, while the new version has 5 pins. And what you are using is the old version.

2. What are the additional exposed pins at the top of the board?
Those pins are reserved for 433 RF receiver module.

3. What is the interaction between the ESP8266 and the microcontroller and the 433Mhz radio?


4. What is the logic of the button?

Low active


5. It looks like the button is connected to the microcontroller and possibly also the firmware/flash pin

Sonoff RF(with 433 RF receiver module) button connects to the microcontroller, while Sonoff (without 433 RF receiver module) button connects to ESP8266 and common use with firmware/flash pin.


6. What is the purpose of the PWM1 connection?

It connects to LED, which can indicate WiFi state.


7. LED indicator does not work

1) Check if the board has burn marks and if there is a burning smell. Make sure the power for the connected device does not exceed max. supported power.

2) If you have multimeter and soldering iron, you may follow below steps to test and repair.

   a. Use a multimeter to test both ends of U1 to see if there is about 300v DC or not, if not, then weld the U1 firmly with soldering iron.

   b. If U1 has voltage, then check if D5 has voltage. If D5 has no voltage, then use the iron to weld C10 firmly. If D5 has voltage, then send it back to us for repair.

Note: If you are in China, you can directly send to us for repair. If you are not, then please open a ticket to contact our customer service first.


8. Both physical button or APP button can not turn on or off the connected device.

That's because the relay or circuit for relay driver has faults:

If you are overseas customers, you can repair it as follows:

1) Please re-welded Q1 if you have a soldering iron.

2) Send back to us for repair.

Domestic customers can directly send back to us for detecting, repair or exchange. 


9. Electric leakage
Please return it to us for test and repair.

10. Slampher: While turned off, the LED indicator faintly flashed one time, and the connected light bulb failed to be turned off.
It's a hardware problem, please contact the seller for after-sales support.

11. Slampher: The led indicator keeps blinking after turn off.
Possible reasons:
1). the LED is broken
2). Electric leakage caused by humid weather
3) The thyristor is broken. Please contact our after-sales support for repair or exchange.

12. My phone is lost, I want to add my devices to a new phone.
You can always log in your eWeLink account with any phone as long as you remember your account and password.
So please log in your old account number, and delete all your devices.
Register a new account with your new phone number. Add your devices to the new account.

13. My Sonoff is dead.
Please open the shell and check whether there is something loose and some cold soldering.
If not, please open a ticket to send a video showing that you have powered the device with right voltage (better use voltmeter to test) but there is no response of the device.



DIY Issues


1. Flash self-customized Firmware

1. How to make my Sonoff WiFi Wireless Switch enter into "UART Download" mode?

Follow below steps:

1)Press and hold the setting button of Sonoff, power up the Sonoff and loose the button, it will automatically enter into "UART Download" mode.

2)You can refer to this link to gain information about SDK and programming manual.

3)Note that we do not recommend you to do that. If you change the firmware, we DON'T undertake any responsibility for any problems caused by this operation.


2. Can I directly use 5V DC to power Sonoff?

Yes, you can. Connect both ends of D5.


3. Can I control added devices through Web page?

Sorry, but you can use the APP or go to eWeLink WeChat subscription account to control the devices.


4. I want to customize for hardware.

You can contact our engineer at this email: odm(at)


5. Can I extend the wire of the TH sensor?

We suggest you do not extend the wire, it will affect accuracy. We have made some tests.


6. Can I hook a temperature/humidity sensor AM2301 to a Sonoff Pow?

This is impossible. Although Sonoff Pow/G1/Dual use the same enclosure of Sonoff TH10/TH16, they are totally different hardware, and they support different functions.


Note: If you have any problems that are still unsolved, please submit a detailed feedback on eWeLink Application. Our IT support will then check the problem and reply you as quickly as possible.  A warm reminder here: make sure you have entered a valid email address when submitting your feedback.

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